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As part of the go2physio pilot which Langworthy Medical Practice is participating in, you may be able to see a physiotherapist directly without having to see your GP first. Pyhsiotherapists are physical activity specialists working with you to enable you to manage your condition. They are expertly skilled to assess, diagnose and manage patients with musculoskeltal conditions in the same way as doctors.
Musculoskeletal conditions such as muscle or joint problems like back pain, knee pain or sprains are best managed by Physiotherapists.
Pyhsiotherapists can transform people's lives by:
  • Reducing pain
  • Improving quality of life
  • Keeping people out of hospital
  • Reducing disability
  • Reversing the deterioration of conditions
Click here to complete the self-referral form to access go2physio clinics.

Baby, Child health and Immunisation clinics

  • Every Tuesday 1.30pm - 3.00pm
  • No appointment needed
  • Run by the health visitors who can refer you to see the Doctor or Nurse

Podiatry for Diabetics

  • Every Friday morning - Appointment needed
  • By referral from your Doctor or Nurse

Citizens Advice and Welfare Rights

  • Weekly sessions
  • Appointment needed
  • Book at reception

Smoking Cessation

  • Weekly sessions
  • Appointment needed
  • Book at reception


  • Every Thursday and Friday
  • Appointment needed
  • Book through reception
  • Doctor, Midwife or Nurse all available on request

Well Woman and Well Man Sessions

  • Appointments needed, available at various times throughout the week. Details from reception
  • Clinic run by Nurse. Please check with reception for an appointment time that is most convenient for you

Chest clinic and Diabetic clinic

  • Weekly sessions
  • Appointments needed
  • Clinic run by Nurse
  • Please ask at reception

Complementary clinics incl. Homeopathy

  • Various sessions
  • Appointments needed
  • By referral from your Doctor

Psychotherapist Counsellor and Psychologist

  • Appointments needed and available at various times throughout the week
  • By referral from your Doctor

Sexual Health and Family Planning including Emergency Contraception

  • N.B The "morning after pill" can be taken up to 72 hours later
  • Advice and prescriptions available daily
  • Appointment needed
  • Appointments can be made at reception. If you would prefer a female doctor or nurse please say when booking

Minor Surgery

  • Weekly sessions
  • Appointment needed
  • Book through your Doctor

Cervical Smear

  • Appointment needed
  • Usually done by Nurse
  • Please book through reception

Community Alcohol Team

  • Every Monday 1.35pm - 3.15pm
  • Appointment needed
  • Please book through reception

Weight Management

  • Weekly sessions
  • Appointment needed
  • Book at reception

Travel Health Advice

  • Appointments needed and available at various times throughout the week
  • Clinic run by Nurse. Please ask at reception

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to discuss this with the practice nurse at least 6 weeks in advance of your planned date of travel . The practice nurse will then contact you to make an appointment to commence the vaccinations. If this 6 week notice period is not given the practice may not be able to offer the vaccination.

Some travel vaccinations are stocked by our medical centre and some travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and these incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge. This is because travel vaccination is not included in the services provided by the NHS and is therefore a chargeable service.  Please enquire further with the practice nurse.

Yellow Fever Vaccinations


The Practice no longer offers Yellow Fever vaccinations.  Please visit the NHS Choices website for information of your local private clinics running this service NHS Choices website.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below: 

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Flag of Mexico 1917 Central America 1280px-Flag of Brazil.svg South America
JamaicaFlag Caribbean Flag of South Africa.svg Africa
Flag of Israel.svg Middle East 2000px-Flag of Pakistan.svg Central Asia
japan flag by xumarov-d3a4may East Asia australia Australasia and Pacific

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