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Fees for Private Work

Most services provided by us are paid for by the NHS and you are not required to pay for them nor are we permitted to charge or accept money for them. Some services, such as medical examinations for work, driving or Public Service are not within scope of the NHS and therefore a charge is made for them. Certificates for cancellation of holidays, insurance claims, private medical claims and other similar forms are also charegable. This is because they are done in the doctor or nurse's own time. The fee may vary depending on the time it takes to do the work but we try and keep them as low as possible. A current list of fees and charges is available at reception and if you are not sure how much a service costs, please ask the reception staff before booking the appointment or handing in the form.


We have wheelchair and stair-lift access through and around the building.

New Patient Registration

We are happy to register new patients who live within our practice boundary area. In order to undertake the registration process we require you to complete a Registration Form and also a Questionnaire. You should then hand in these documents to the Surgery along with 2 forms of identification, one of which must have a photograph. Finally, you will need to make an appointment with our staff to have a Health Check at a future time that is convenient to yourself.

Online Appointments - Getting Started

It will be necessary initially for you to register to use the Internet appointment booking facility. Ask the receptionist for a registration form which provides the information you need to register to use the Internet facility.
Once the registration process is complete, you can log onto the appointments system using your individual patient identifying number and password, and be able to view appointments you have already made, cancel them if necessary, and book an appointment with your doctor after checking the times available.
This system is fully encrypted ensuring access to a remote highly secure site managed by INPS, not at the practice, so there is no possibility of unauthorised access to clinical data.

Complementary Therapies and Specialisation

Because of the nature of the group practice, the doctors and nurse practitioners here have developed their own areas of interest so you may be asked to see a specific clinician if you have a particular condition, for example, diabetes, asthma gynaecological and/or hormone related issues. We don't advertise doctors' and nurses' specialties as these can sometimes change.

Additionally, some of the clinicians here use complementary therapies (only with your consent) such as homeopathy and acupuncture on their own patients as part of their routine consultations. There is no charge for any of these therapies apart from normal NHS prescription charges.

Sick Notes

If you are requesting a sickness certificate, you will need to make an appointment to see the doctor or nurse practitioner. Please note that appointments for sick notes are not regarded as emergencies because they can be back dated if appropriate. Government regulations clearly state that a sickness certificate is not required for the first for the first seven days of illness and your employer should abide by this. If you wish to obtain a private medical certificate, there will be a standard charge.

Home Visits

In common with most medical practices, we respectfully request that visits are only requested when the patient is too poorly to travel to the medical practice. Poorly children especially should not be kept at home waiting for a doctor to visit but should be wrapped up and brought into surgery where they will be seen quickly and usually have had one or two doses of their medication by the time they would have been visited at home. In any event, please request home visits before 10am if at all possible.

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