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NHS digital has been directed to collect general practice data to support the GP data for planning and Research direction 2021. This is a national initiative and from 1st September 2021 patient data will be extracted from GP systems on a daily basis; data will be encrypted in transit. As this is a statutory obligation, practices are legally obliged to share this data, unless you have opted out.

If you as a patient want to opt out of your data being shared please use the following link: Make your choice about sharing data from your health records – NHS

For more information please visit your data matters

How confidential patient information is used

The NHS collects confidential patient information from:

  • all NHS organisations, trusts and local authorities (including GP surgeries)
  • private organisations, such as private hospitals providing NHS funded care

Research bodies and organisations can request access to this information. This includes:

  • university researchers
  • hospital researchers
  • medical royal colleges
  • pharmaceutical companies researching new treatments

Who Cannot use confidential patient information

Access to confidential patient information will not be given for:

  • marketing purposes
  • insurance purposes

Other ways to make a choice about sharing data

Make your choice

You can make or change a choice for:

  • yourself
  • children under the age of 13
  • someone you can legally make decisions for

You can also make a change or choice for:

  • yourself by phone, email or post
  • someone else by email or post

Please click HERE for information about phone, email or postal options